Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English

Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English


Envision every student to be functionally equipped with academic excellence, with social responsibility and desired values thus producing the best teachers in service to humanity.


To provide access in the preparation of highly competent teachers imbued with the ideals, aspirations and traditions in the teaching profession. Produce teachers are rooted and grounded in a Christian way of life which is relevant and responsive to local, national, and global competitiveness.


  • Articulate the rootedness of education in philosophical socio-cultural, historical psychological and political contexts.
  • Demonstrate mastery of subject matter/discipline.
  • Facilitate learning using a wide range of teaching methodologies and delivery. Mode appropriate to specific learners and their environments.
  • Apply skills in the development and utilization of ICT to promote quality, relevant and sustainable educational practices.
  • Practice professional and ethical teaching standards sensitive to the local, national and global realities.
  • Pursue lifelong learning for personal and professional growth through varied experiential and field base opportunities.


    Common to the Criminal Justice Education

    • Elementary or secondary school teacher
    • Librarian
    • Textbook and instructional materials sales representative
    • Guidance counsellor
    • Instructional coordinator
    • Health educator

    Beyond the beginning professional roles, an Education graduate can pursue any of the following career options with further studies:

    • School administrator
    • Principal
    • Educational Consultant
    • Corporate Trainer
    • Curriculum developer

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