Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy


The College of Accountancy aims to be recognized as the leading Institution for academic excellence in professional accounting education producing highly competent accountancy graduates who possess the knowledge, skills, and values that prepare them to compete and be responsive to the needs of the society and challenges of emerging global trends.


Guided by the Vision, the College of Accountancy commits to pursue and provide highest quality, excellent and responsive Accountancy programs and systems as required by existing and emergent industries through outcomes-based curriculum, continued research and community extension dedicated to the formation of morally upright accounting and finance professionals who will attain personal growth, global competitiveness and contribute towards national development.



A graduate of BS in Accountancy should be able to:

  1. Resolve business issues and problems, with a global and strategic perspective using knowledge and technical proficiency in the areas of financial accounting and reporting, cost accounting and management, accounting and control, taxation, and accounting information systems;
  2. Conduct accountancy research through independent studies of relevant literature and appropriate use of accounting theory and methodologies;
  3. Employ technology as a business tool in capturing financial and non-financial information, generating reports and making decisions;
  4. Apply knowledge and skills to successfully respond to various types of assessments; and (including professional licensure and certifications); and
  5. Confidently maintain a commitment to good corporate citizenship, social responsibility and ethical practice in performing functions as an accountant.


  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Tax Accountant or Tax Manager
  • Government Accountant

Beyond the beginning professional roles, the business administration graduate can pursue any of the following career options: Pursue careers as a Public Accountant, Management Accountant, Auditor, Tax Examiners and Revenue Agents

With further specialized training graduates of this program may pursue specialization in Forensic Accounting, Environmental Accounting, Personal Financial Planning, Auditing Information Technology, and Sports Accounting among others. 

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