Life in World Citi Colleges

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible  environment to learn and enjoy college life. Get  access to information and find out what support  and resources are available. 

We are here to Support

Whatever stage you’re in, you will never be alone  at World Citi Colleges.  

Our WCC community of academic and career  advisors, faculty and successful alumni network  will be there to help direct you in achieving your  goals.

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Career Center

From day one to graduation, our Career Center  team is there when you need them. 

Meet your WCC Counselors - Let them help map  out your career with clear action plans that you  may keep and follow.

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Department of Student Affairs (DSA)

The DSA's Office strives to create a dynamic living  and learning community of students. They offer  opportunities that promote positive personal  growth and social immersion to boost your  transition into a World Citizen. 

DSA's activities include: daily drop-in sessions,  group sessions and workshops. For more details,  visit the DSA office of your chosen campus.

Board Exam Reviews

Are you seeking to enhance your studying skills  and find resources to improve your test scores in  the board examinations?  

Our Board Exam Review Assistance is a series of  basic studying skills workshop, consultation  services, and peer review support designed to  help you prepare for the board examinations. For  more details, visit the respective college  departments.

Campus Ministry

We believe every student is free to share their faith and explore their spirituality. You can also find spiritual guidance and counseling in Campus Ministry.


The Library located at the 4/F of WCC QC offers library and  technology services to its students including  function rooms for meetings.  

The library provides online access and instructions  to a selection of over 100 databases containing  full-text journals, magazines, reports, and  newspapers.

Health and Wellness

Our Health Services for all WCC students, faculty  and staff offers treatment of common acute  problems and provide personal health counseling  by licensed health services staff members. 

  • Gym
  • Health Clinic

Guidance Office

Our WCC guidance staff is ready to assist and  guide you in understanding yourself better as you  go through the stages of your personal growth and  career development. The center helps you  recognize your potential to become self-directive,  socially responsible, and well-rounded  

professionals and servant leaders in the future.  Here are services offered:


1. Counseling Service

WCC Counselors help students understand  themselves better. Students are guided to gain  deeper awareness of their problems and make  intelligent decisions in varying situations to  become self-sufficient and mature persons.

2. Consultation Service

Our Counseling Services are given to individuals  who are observed by our WCC Counselors,  parents, teachers and administrators to have  behavioral guidance needs.

3. Placement Service

A service extended to WCC undergraduate and  graduating students in their preparation for joining  the workforce. Pre-employment seminars and on campus recruitment are conducted annually.

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Real-life Training Facilities

World Citi College houses various modern and up to-date facilities to equip and train you with real life learning. WCC is continuously investing in its facilities to ensure a  top-notch learning environment for you. 

  • Allied Health
  • School of International Hospitality Management (SIHM)
  • Information Technology
  • Business Administration

View more facilities

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Student Council

If you are passionate about making a difference  and would like to make an impact on what  happens in college, this is the place to do it. Be  the voice of your fellow classmates and guide our  community in a successful direction. Help us make  sure we are doing the right things for you!

Understand what we do

We discuss all happenings at the college, assess  how organizational projects might impact  students, and continually bring forward fresh ideas  and suggestions.  If you are interested in joinind us, you’ll play a part  in developing new initiatives, recommending  changes, and identifying things which are not  working.  This is the place where you can make student life  better for everyone!

Get involved

Be a student representative. Get the support and  training from the student council coordinator and  support officers. Grab the opportunity to represent  fellow students!

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Athletics and Recreation

Benefit from WCC's varied athletics program  which fosters sportsmanship, competition, and  discipline. Our Vikings and Sports teams has  taken on teams across Metro Manila in basketball,  volleyball, even futsal. 

All students are welcome to join our sports teams  and everyone has a chance to play during the  season. We also offer cheerleading and dance  sports. Now you’re chance to take part in  competitive meets. Student athletes receive  dedicated and inspired coaching from our  professional coaching staff and experienced  mentors.

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Clubs and Organizations

Develop a hobby and take part in WCC clubs to  explore and develop your interests, talents, and  skills.

List of Student Organization A.Y. 2019 - 2020

Co-Curricular Organization

WCC offers activities and learning experiences  that take place in school alongside the academic  curriculum. Academic attainment is a key element  of school life and it is complemented by a broad  and enriching co-curriculum to provide a well rounded education. Here’s a list of WCC  organizations you can join and complement your  academics. 

  1. Physical Therapy Society
  2. College of Nursing Student Society
  3. Radiologic Technology Society
  4. Medical Technology Society
  5. Pharmacy Society
  6. Psychology Society
  9. I.T. Society
  10. Junior Marketing Association

Extracurricular Organization

Extracurricular activities are gatherings and  practices that are not part of the curriculum but  supported and encouraged here at WCC. Explore and Develop your talents, interests, and  passions while gaining practical skills like time  management. Sign up for one or more of the following  oraganizations: 

  • Theater Arts Society (Fallax Theater)
  • WCC Rhythm
  • World Citi Dance Company
  • SHS Dance Troupe (Atmost Dance Group)
  • Media Club (Newsletter Publication)
  • College Student Core Group
  • SHS Student Core Group