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School of Career Advancement and Lifelong Education

The WCC School of Career Advancement and Lifelong Education (SCALE) 

The WCC School of Career Advancement and Lifelong Education (SCALE) offers Certificate programs centered on gearing up learners toward accomplishing the actual needs of the industry in which they are involved.  


What are Micro-credentials? 

These programs are considered “Micro-credentials," also known as micro-degrees or nanodegrees, representing concise proficiency showcasing expertise in a specific domain. They serve as valuable additions to one's credentials, allowing individuals to bolster their qualifications and present their skills effectively to employers and peers. Programs that will be offered align with the current programs offered by WCC. Further, these programs provide stackable certificates, a dynamic concept in education and professional development, and empower individuals to acquire various skills, each representing varying levels of expertise, which can be seamlessly integrated to form a comprehensive and adaptable credential. These certificates will enable post-graduates to continue their education, acquire additional skills, or adapt to changing career demands to stay competitive and excel in their chosen fields. 



“To sustain learning and development of professionals and leaders who are globally competitive in their field through experiential and alternative learning methods which contribute utmost value to the organization they serve.” 



“A leading provider in Asia of practical knowledge and skills that are industry-relevant which complement and supplement traditional degree programs” 


Why Choose WCC for Micro-credentials? 

  • Practical Approach in Learning 
  • Industry Practitioners as Instructors 
  • Cost-Effective Learning 
  • Highly Accessible Location
  • Flexible Learning Options

Operational Framework

Under the SCALE program, any course finished earns a Certificate and two units of micro-credential.  This certificate evidences the skill or competency acquired by the learner.  It can be considered a stand-alone certificate with a credit on its own as a micro-credential.  The learner can pursue further competencies through continuous enrollment in these courses.  These courses can be stackable to either (1) a Diploma Program or (2) a Degree Program under the related discipline.  To earn a Diploma, the student must enroll in courses along the pathway for 20 units.  These achieved units can also be credited to either a college degree or a master’s degree program.  Upon evaluation, any diploma earned can also be credited to equivalent units either in College or Post-Graduate degree.