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Hi, World Citizen!

Mabuhay! Our International Office is dedicated to fostering a global perspective and providing a welcoming environment for students and partners from around the world. Our International Office serves as the centralh ub for fostering global connections and supporting the international community at WCC. With a mandate to promote cross-cultural understanding and facilitate internationalization efforts, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive services and resources to students, faculty, staff, and partner institutions from around the world. Explore the opportunities that await you at WCC and join us in shaping a brighter future together.

The world awaitsโ€”let's make your mark, together!


Collaborative Programs

Join us in groundbreaking academic ventures. Our collaborative programs with international institutions guarantee an education that stays ahead of the curve.



World Citi Colleges is proud to collaborate with a diverse network of international partners and institutions. Explore partnership opportunities

and collaboration possibilities:

Joint Research Projects: Collaborate on interdisciplinary research projects to address global challenges and drive innovation.

Student Exchange Programs: Facilitate academic exchanges and study abroad opportunities for students to gain international experience.

Faculty Exchange Programs: Exchange faculty members to promote knowledge sharing and cross-cultural understanding.

Joint Degree Programs: Develop joint degree programs that offer students the opportunity to earn qualifications from both institutions.


World Citi Colleges is committed to leaving a lasting mark on the world. But we understand that our impact is magnified when we collaborate with others.

WCC believes that there is always more value in cooperation than competition. Cooperation and collaboration open opportunities for partnership between respective institutions to lessen weaknesses and strengthen respective strengths by complementing each other. Coming together allows us to achieve our potential to level with international institutions.

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