World Citi colleges


World Citi Colleges is an institution founded in the uncompromising belief that God is the Lord of history and therefore nothing happens in human life without divine providence and intervention. WCC stands on the conviction that its educational vision and mission constitute a high calling and ministry. Bound by its dedication to educational excellence, it is mandated to lead in holistic and professional education that is Christian in foundation, nationalist in perspective, competency-based and research-driven in curriculum, scientific in emphasis, global in scope and culturally diverse in orientation.

Therefore, we envision WCC graduates to be truly Christ-centered in commitment and character, proven in professional competence and Filipino in identity and consciousness. As World Citizens, WCC alumni exceed standard expectations in their fields of specialization. With superior academic training and intellectual prowess, they rise above the throng in their passion for achievement, always excelling in performance and leadership. Imbued in their WCC culture is the profound concern for ecological and socio-economic justice, human life, and dignity. Thus, World Citizens respect all people as persons of sacred worth and because of this they cross boundaries to remove all prejudices on the basis of creed, class, race, or gender. This lifestyle and philosophy is rooted in the WCC Christian vocation embodied in its college hymn: "Called to serve and to care."