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Antipolo - Student Organization

The Supreme Student Government (SSG) is a student body organization of the Senior High School department of World Citi Colleges. This organization influences and molds student leaders as well as mere students to be vigilant and active citizens. It empowers the students to strive for excellence in academics, leadership, and social responsibility, to encourage them to be proactive members of society.


The Junior Association of Tourism Management (JATM) is the principal student organization for the Tourism Management program at World Citi Colleges Antipolo. Together with its officers and students, our dean, Mr. Philipp Hidalgo Lubang, organizes programs and activities that improve students' knowledge, skills, and personalities, producing industry-ready individuals to soar high.

College Student Core Group - Do you have what it takes to lead your fellow students? If your answer is YES then be part of out College Student Core Group! Let's make your vision come to reality!


COMMUNICATION ARTS SOCIETY is an organization that covers fields in Journalism, Development Communication, Broadcasting, Communication Research, Multi-Media Studies, Film, Public Relations, Advertising, and the creative arts like theatre and stage performance.