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THE G.R.E.E.N. (Group of Responsible Enthusiasts of Environment and Nature)

The GREEN develops the set of incoming environmentalists with passion and mindset of helping the environment to the disastrous human activities that have drastically affected our Mother Nature.

T.R.A.I.L. - ( Tourism Towards Responsible Advocacies as Industry Leaders  )

The TRAIL Organization strives to nurture responsive student-centered training that builds Tourism Management students into becoming flexible, bold, and highly knowledgeable future industry leaders.

P.C.E. (Polaris Club Elite)

Polaris Club Elite is a group of Dean’s listers from the School of International Hospitality Management of World Citi Colleges Quezon City that seeks to discover and develop students that are capable to represent WCC in local and international competition with the help of training that will hone an individual’s higher order thinking skills.

CHAMP (Culture, Culinary, Hospitality, Heritage, Advocacy, and Manager of the Philippines Organization)

The CHAMP organization seeks to accomplish innovative thinking to generate solutions for its members and create leaders in the Hospitality Management industry.

CESO Club (Community Extension Services Organizational Club)

The CESO Club is an organization that trains future leaders to lead the group, help communities around them, and exemplify good leadership, compassion, and humane conduct.