World Citi Colleges (WCC) visited Shijiazhuang Medical College (SMC) last April 15. Led by Dr. Ma. Cristina Estioco, Vice President for Academic Affairs, the WCC delegation engaged in fruitful discussions and exchanges aimed at fostering collaboration between the two institutions.

Facilitated by Xiamen Effie Overseas Education and its CEO, Dr. Benson Xie, the visit focused on the commitment of both WCC and Shijiazhuang Medical College to expand educational opportunities and foster cultural exchange between China and the Philippines.

During the visit, WCC and SMC discussed their academic offerings including programs in Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Technology, and Radiologic Technology. The meeting revolved around mutual recognition of credits, faculty exchanges, and opportunities for student mobility.

The visit concluded with a strong commitment from both WCC and SMC to further strengthen their ties. This paves the way for future collaborative efforts and a richer exchange of academic knowledge and experiences.

The WCC delegation included Dr. Ma. Cristina Estioco, Ms. Mia Monica Bernabe (VP for Operations and Business Development), Dr. Marmelo Abante (Dean of Graduate Programs and the College of Information Technology), and Mr. Jaime Miguel Pabalan (Director for International Affairs and Strategic Partnerships).