World Citi Colleges (WCC) and WCC Aeronautical & Technological College (WCC-ATC) proudly participated as exhibitors in one of China’s most prominent international education fairs, the China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET) 2024, held in Beijing last April 13.

WCC seized the opportunity to showcase its academic offerings and engage with the global education community. As exhibitors, WCC highlighted the Philippines as a premiere academic hub, showcasing its diverse range of academic programs and fostering connections with key stakeholders in the international education sector, including universities, organizations, and governmental departments within and outside China.

CIEET has been instrumental in facilitating connections between over 2,700 universities and institutions from 56 countries and regions with millions of students and viewers since its inception in 1999. With its participation in CIEET 2024, WCC looks forward to strengthening international partnerships and promoting global education opportunities.