MPA Program Outcomes

 Graduates of the Master of Public Administration degree program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate broad understanding of public affairs, policy development, policy analysis, economic analysis, management skills, and organization theory and their applications to public service.
  • Conduct a purposeful inquiry exploring the problem/issue a client is experiencing.
  • Apply critical thinking and appropriate technology for public policy analysis.
  • Work with and for others in ways that translate community need into policy solutions & public service action to promote a just and humane world.
  • Communicate effectively for different audiences & purposes.


WCC MPA is a dynamic, intensive, and interdisciplinary degree program that prepares aspirants like you for senior management roles in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. By integrating theory and practice, you will gain the skillset that you will need to respond effectively to complex policy and management issues, to think strategically in order to anticipate and plan for future challenges, and empower you to make a difference to society.


CODE                     COURSE DESCRIPTION

BPA 201               Management Information System

BPA 202               Statistics for Public Administration

BPA 203               Human Resource Management

BPA 204               Methods of Research



CODE                     COURSE DESCRIPTION

MPA 201              Public Administration Theory, Processes and Practices

MPA 202              Philosophy and Science in Public Administration

MPA 203              Leadership and Organizational Change

MPA 204              Public Policy and Program Administration

MPA 205              Public Fiscal Administration

MPA 206              Production and Operation Management



CODE                     COURSE DESCRIPTION

EPA 201                Legal Aspects

EPA 202                Trends and Issues in Public Administration



CODE                     COURSE DESCRIPTION

THESIS 200          Thesis Writing



CODE                     COURSE DESCRIPTION

PPA 101               Business Communication

PPA 102               Applied Mathematics

PPA 103               Financial Management

PPA 104               Project Management

PPA 105               Governmental Budgeting



  • Modular system – subjects are taught on a modular approach to accommodate your studies around your lifestyle and work schedule
  • Outstanding faculty – learn from a team of professors who are industry practitioners. Beyond their academic credentials, they have a wide real-world business experience
  • Learn from diversity – be part of the group of individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and expertise that allows your peer learning experience broaden your horizons and gain fresh perspectives in the business environment.
  • Invaluable network – foster personal and professional growth through connections to people and organizations which you will find beneficial to your career development and beyond