In our 44 years of delivering quality education, we have set forth graduates who proudly carry with them the be-attitudes of a World Citizen – that is by being Christ centered, servant leader, excellent and compassionate individuals who value integrity. These beatitudes have guided them to succeed in their chosen careers and live with integrity and respect for others.
This year, we celebrate our four decades of delivering quality education – 44 years of giving unparalleled success stories from thousands of graduates. We have trained our students in excellence and they are now living testimonies to the kind of education we offer.
It’s quality more than quantity that matters.
I, together with the rest of WCC, hope that your stay with us will be a unique and worthy learning experience!

Dr. Arlyn Grace V. Guico

President, World Citi Colleges

Through the years, we have gained strength in delivering quality education. We have acquired passion in learning and unequalled pursuit to provide our students the success that they deserve, but we are not finished yet.
For this year, as we celebrate our 44 years of quality education, we will continuously provide our students with superior and pertinent learning. We are redefining education by centering on things that matter most - relevant instructions. We are very positive that every WCC student will be guided by our be-attitudes and will have the characteristics of a true Filipino leader, one that will contribute towards nation-building and help improve the lives of his/her countrymen.
As we are celebrate our 44th year of delivering Quality Education, you are now part of the four decades of excellence and success of WCC. So, on behalf of the entire WCC Community, congratulations for becoming a part of an institution that’s rich in learning tradition and educational distinction!

Raymond Patrick V. Guico

Executive Vice-President for Tertiary Education