Guiding Senior High School Students Figure Out Their Career Paths

KNOWING that the decisions which young people is a make-or-break event in their lives, World Citi Colleges held its Career Orientation last March 1, 2019, for its senior high school students and their parents.


The orientation aims to provide students and parents with vital information to support the students’ career exploration and postsecondary educational opportunities. It also helps prepare students to transition successfully toward a future career path by making informed decisions about their subject choices and pathways.


Dean Emmanuel Saludes

The orientation introduced WCC-QC’s various programs. Dean Emmanuel Saludes gave an overview of the various college Allied Health programs like:


  • Biology
  • Medical Technology,
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Radiologic Technology


Dean Kathleen Pulmones

Dean Kathleen Pulmones also introduced other college programs such as:


  • Business Administration Major in Marketing Management
  • Information Technology
  • Tourism Management
  • Hospitality Management


An interactive campus tour complimented the orientation to give students and their parents a chance to experience the facilities via booths set up for each course.


Career guidance and orientation foster early career awareness among students. If still undecided, WCC also offers free career counseling for students. Just call (02) 4384588 or 09175968545.