6 Advantages of Getting a Degree in Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical study is the art and science of preparing and dispensing medications, but it’s more than just mixing medicines. World Citi Colleges’ (WCC) academic focus is on pharmaceutical chemistry and entrepreneurship that will equip students with knowledge and practical skills which can provide increased career opportunities.


6 Reasons Why Radiologic Technology Will Benefit Your Medical Career

Radiologic Technology or radiography is the science of using radiation to provide images of the bones, organs, soft tissue, and vessels by utilizing ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Images recorded on x-ray film or displayed on a video monitor are called x-ray images and are used today to diagnose disease, injury, or congenital deformity.


Explore the World of Research and Medicine and Be a Key Player in the Healthcare Industry

Medical technology is the health profession that deals with the application of laboratory analysis to diagnose, monitor, treat diseases, and conditions. The laboratory depends on the phlebotomy technician to collect quality samples from the patient to produce quality laboratory results.


Bring Your Caring and Compassionate Nature Into a Rewarding Career

Nursing is an art and science with fundamentals based on respect for human dignity and an intuition for patient’s needs. The profession is a practice which merges the heart and mind as it provides care for the sick based on scientific principles and rigorous training.