World Citi Colleges QC Campus

World Citi Colleges Educational System consist of three campuses – WCC Antipolo, WCC Caloocan, and WCC Quezon City.

Of the three campuses, WCC-Quezon City is hailed as the mother campus. It used to be known as Quezon City Medical Center and Colleges, Inc. (QCMCC); and before that, as Medical Center of Quezon City (MCQC) as evidenced by its Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 15, 1971. Subsequent to MCQC’s incorporation, a permit to operate a 100-bed capacity hospital was issued by the Bureau of Medical Service of the Department of Health.

In June 1979, its Articles of Incorporation were amended changing its corporate name to Quezon City Medical Center and Colleges, Inc. (QCMCC).
Consequently, it established its first college – the College of Nursing.

The New Management

There was a change of ownership and management in March 1986. The inspiring leadership of the Guico family ushered in a new vision and fresh enthusiasm that gave impetus to the rapid and consistent growth of the institution. From school year 1986 to the present, remarkable changes have been realized through the concerted managerial acumen of the dynamic corporate leadership of Quezon City Medical Center and Colleges.

Transitions and Trajectories

From an old two-storey hospital building, the medical center stands tall and proud in its imposing 15-storey edifice serving hundreds of patients per day. The reputation of the hospital as a respected health care provider in the country is proven by the unfailing trust and confidence of satisfied clients and patients.

In the school division, new courses were offered. These include baccalaureate degrees in Physical Therapy, Radiologic Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Psychology. It also offers courses in Midwifery, Respiratory Therapy, Health Aide and Medical Transcription. Many QCMCC alumni topped their respective Board Exams.

Indeed, QCMCC was envisioned to be a center of excellence in health care and education so that it will be preferred for its innovativeness, dynamism, competence and pro-activeness, admired in the way it cares for people and esteemed for its compassion for everyone.

Nationwide, QCMCC is respected for its integrity and social responsibility. It is the country's first Medical Hotel, a mission field, and a living testimony of God's goodness.

In the year 2001, as a tribute to world class Filipino professionals, Quezon City Medical Center and Colleges became World Citi Inc. Its twin institutions are now known as World Citi Medical Center and World Citi Colleges.

And Now, the WCC Education System

World Citi Colleges is an emerging educational system with sister institutions and campuses. These include WCC in Caloocan City (formerly Holy Trinity School) and WCC in Antipolo City (formerly Westminster College)

Holy Trinity School is a long-established institution in basic education aspiring to venture in tertiary education. It was founded by Mrs. Virginia Datiles Vda. de Lizardo in 1969. The school was "orphaned" when President Datiles died in 1995. The Board of Directors turned over the management and ownership of the school to the Guico family in 1997 and since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds.

Westminster Colleges of the Philippines was established last June 17, 2000. The institution offers baccalaureate degrees in Business Administration, Accountancy, Elementary and Secondary Education, Criminology and Nursing. Under the supervision of the WCC Education System, the college aims to develop young people who will become the country's leaders in the future.

The history of World Citi Colleges is a continuing saga of transitions that validate its stability and trajectories that prove its aggressive and innovative spirit. Rooted in its calling "to serve and to care," it continues its purpose-driven pursuit of excellence.